The Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Economic Development


Program Information

All eyes are on China as the country grows in economic power at an unparalleled pace. Hosted in Tianjin, this program is designed for international students to learn about China’s economic development since 1978.

The program begins with focus on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the government’s open market strategy. You’ll review the purpose of the initiative as well as the controversy that comes with it; while it’s a welcome push for economic diplomacy, the initiative faces challenges over long-term sustainability, trade imbalance, and property rights. You will also look at China’s trade activities in a global context, examining how aging and population influence the country’s competitive advantage, and how RMB exchange rates impact the World Trade Organization and its members.

Throughout this program you’ll discover how economics have influenced China’s history, culture, politics, and identity. Students leave well-equipped to pursue specialized studies in China or further education in economics and foreign trade.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to receive CLIC support.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students at all nine CLIC member universities. Recommended for 3rd or 4th year students.

Note: In order to qualify for CLIC funding, students have to take Doing Business in China along with this course.

Note: Credit transfer has only been approved of at the University of Alberta and the University of Ottawa. Students from other CLIC member universities must submit course documentation to their faculty for credit transfer approval. Contact the CLIC office ( to help you to get the documents for credit transfer approval.


Nankai University, Tianjin


July 2 – July 27, 2018

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Apply with the host university by filling out an application form and emailing it to

Application Deadline

Check with your home university. Each Canadian university has its own deadlines for Summer programs.