Chinese Archaeology


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What better place to study archeology than in China, one of the world’s most ancient civilizations? Few countries can trace a continuous history back to the Paleolithic Age – making China an academically rewarding destination for humanities students.

The Summer School on Chinese Archeology investigates China’s most significant archeological discoveries. Your studies begin with Early Chinese Civilization, examining the discoveries in the Yellow River and Yangtze River and the origins of Chinese diet and agriculture. By studying China in the context of ancient East Asia, you’ll learn about the shift from Shang Dynasty to Zhou Dynasty, and the politics and cultures of the powerful Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties. Also discussed is the political significance of bronze, and the communication between east and west on the famous Silk Road.

This program provides learning opportunities both inside and outside of the university. Your studies will take you to museums, national parks, and laboratories for insight on how technology and collaboration assist archeological research. Field trips to excavations conducted by Shangdong University will illuminate Shangdong’s Qilu culture, which is the typical representative of Chinese culture. This program also covers today’s opportunities and challenges in Chinese cultural heritage protection.

Join renowned professors for a hands-on experience of China’s vast heritage. You’ll immerse yourself in another world – and another time.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to receive CLIC support.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students at all nine CLIC member universities. Students from history, archaeology, anthropology, and other humanities or social science fields are preferred.

Note: Credit transfer has only been approved of at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Université Laval, and University of Ottawa. Students from other CLIC member universities must submit course documentation to their faculty for credit transfer approval. Contact the CLIC office ( to help you to get the documents for credit transfer approval.


Shandong University, Jinan


2018 (TBA)

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Complete an application with Shandong University:

Application Deadline

Check with your home university. Each Canadian university has its own deadlines for Summer programs.