China’s Foreign Trade


Program Information

China’s growth in foreign trade has been a source of amazement – and friction – over the last few decades. This program explores how one nation’s trade affairs impact much of the world.

You’ll start the program with an overview of how China operates within the world trade system, including its rise to economic power after decentralization. Topics include the overall structure of China’s trade, the trading of merchandise vs. commercial services, and China’s push for trade diplomacy with other nations.

With unprecedented growth comes new challenges, and this program also addresses the problems present in China’s trade relations. You’ll explore how the nation has been impacted by major trade reforms as China works toward cooperation with the World Trade Organization. Also discussed are China’s trade deficits with other economies, what promotes China’s trade surplus, and trade restrictions imposed by the WTO.

Finally, this course looks to the future and sustainability of China’s foreign trade. Discussions will focus on China’s reputation as a “world factory” and whether that is set to change as the country imports and exports more high-tech and high value-added products. Your studies in business, economics, and international relations are enhanced by insight into this powerhouse economy.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to receive CLIC support.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students at all six CLIC member universities. Recommended for 3rd or 4th year students.

Note: In order to qualify for CLIC funding, students have to take either Doing Business in China or Logistics and Supply Chain Management in China along with this course.

Note: Credit transfer has only been approved of at the University of Alberta, University of Montreal, and University of Ottawa. Students from other CLIC member universities must submit course documentation to their faculty for credit transfer approval. Contact the CLIC office ( to help you to get the documents for credit transfer approval.


Nankai University, Tianjin


June 19 – July 16, 2017

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Apply with the host university by filling out an application form and emailing it to

Application Deadlines

Check with your home university. Each Canadian university has its own deadlines for Summer programs.