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Hunan Language Immersion and Chinese Culture


Program Information

Refine your Mandarin speaking skills by exploring China and participating in Chinese daily life! The Language Immersion & Chinese Culture program is an intensive language study program located in Hunan. It provides and authentic experience of life in China.

Under the supervision of Professor Li Shenwen, a specialist in Chinese history and the history of relations between China and the West, this course takes place at two host Chinese universities: Hunan Normal University (Changsha) and the Institute of Science and Technology of Hunan (Yueyang). This program also has two components: language and culture studies.

In language training, you’ll take Mandarin classes every weekday morning. You’ll be placed in one of three levels – elementary, intermediate, or advanced – after completing a mandatory placement test upon arrival.

Cultural studies will complement language training by broadening your understanding of the Chinese way of life, and providing settings in which to practice your skills. Activities include Taiji workshops, cooking, martial arts, painting, calligraphy and tours to historic sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

Eligibility Requirements

Currently for Laval University students only.

Undergraduate and graduate students from all faculties are welcome to apply. Students are required to have completed CHN-1010 or an equivalent introductory Mandarin Chinese course.


Hunan Normal University, Changsha

Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Yueyang


May 20 – July 14

Application Deadline

January 31

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