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Shanghai Jiaotong Research Internships


Program Information

SJTU is one of China’s most illustrious research universities. The Summer Research Internship Program attracts students from all over the world to learn in state-of-the-art facilities from prominent research professors. As a participant you’ll be introduced to many fields of research: mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, environmental sciences, agriculture, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, and pharmacy.

Be prepared for hands-on experimentation that encourages you to problem-solve. Lectures and seminars will clarify each field’s key motivations and questions, which will drive your research projects. Throughout this internship you’ll access a wide range of technologies, from CAD and 3D design software to laboratory models and equipment. Your assignments will also vary: you may conduct experiments and present the findings, design a solution to a problem, or work with a group. Soft skills are part of the program as students develop their collaborative and science communication skills. And of course, along with your projects you’ll enjoy taking in Chinese culture and language. You’re encouraged to explore the amazing sights of Shanghai with your fellow students!

The goal of the SJTU summer program is to train students in the scientific process of collecting data, analysing results, and ultimately thinking like an innovator. You’ll also benefit from the chance build your network of peers and collaborators. Most importantly, a summer spent exploring many fields of research will give you insight for directing your future academic path.

For more information, visit the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer program website at:

Eligibility Requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to receive CLIC support.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students at all six CLIC member universities.

Applicants must have completed at least one year of an undergraduate program, and meet any prerequisites outlined by the individual courses (see program details).

Note: Check with your home university to see if the program you want has been approved of for credit transfer. Students whose home university has not already approved of a program for credit transfer will have to submit course documentation to their faculty for credit transfer approval. Contact the CLIC office ( to help you to get the documents for credit transfer approval.


Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai


July 6, 2017 – August 30, 2017

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Complete an application with Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Application Deadline

Check with your home university. Each Canadian university has its own deadlines for Summer programs.

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