Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Program Information

Bringing a product from its raw components and into the hands of a satisfied customer is a complex process. If you can strategize an efficient flow, your skills will always be in demand! This summer we invite you to China’s port city of Tianjin, a national hub for modern manufacturing, where you’ll study logistics and supply chain management.

A company’s supply chain can be its downfall or its greatest asset. This program teaches you about the supply chain’s participants, functions, and flows, and how each stage affects the others. Transportation, inventory, and warehousing are just some of the elements covered in this complex system. Using China as the context, you’ll review case studies that reveal how streamlining logistics and supply chain management can become aß competitive advantage.

A mix of case discussions, interactive lectures, and group presentations will train you to solve complex problems related to factors and flows in the supply chain. With Tianjin itself a major hub for international shipping, you’re well situated to learn about the supply chain in a meaningful way – and begin a rewarding career.

Eligibility Requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible for CLIC support.

Open to graduate and undergraduate students at all six CLIC member universities. Recommended for 3rd or 4th year students.

Note: In order to qualify for CLIC funding, students have to take either Belt and Road Initiative and China’s Economic Development or China’s Foreign Trade along with this course.

Note: Credit transfer has only been approved of at the University of Alberta and University of Ottawa. Students from other CLIC member universities must submit course documentation to their faculty for credit transfer approval. Contact the CLIC office (info@clicstudyinchina.com) to help you to get the documents for credit transfer approval.


Nankai University, Tianjin


June 19 – July 16, 2017

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Apply with the host university by filling out an application form and emailing it to info@clicstudyinchina.com.

Application Deadline

Check with your home university. Each Canadian university has its own deadlines for Summer programs.