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Visit the renowned “Pearl of the Orient” through a summer program tailored for you. The Fudan University International Summer Session offers a wide selection of courses and activities that focus on delivering high academic value and true cultural experiences. Fudan’s location in Shanghai, a city of stunning diversity, provides the perfect setting to immerse yourself in China’s vibrant history and culture.

This program takes place over four weeks. Students take from one to three content courses plus optional language and PE courses, and participate in historical and cultural visits. Fudan University boasts highly acclaimed professors who are top contributors in their fields – so take advantage of your chance to learn from passionate scholars! They’ll present a Chinese perspective on topics including economics, trade, politics and business; students can also explore social issues affecting China and the preservation of culture. Cultural immersion classes include Kung Fu and folk dance.

Outside of the classroom you’ll discover the sights of China, from the cutting edge to the incredibly ancient. A few of your excursions include a Huangpu River Cruise, a two-day Trip to Hangzhou, and a day in Shanghai seeing the Shanghai Museum, China Art Museum, and Old City God Temple.

Fudan University International Summer Session provides flexibility challenge, and a global perspective that will benefit you long after you return home. Whether your course load is full or more relaxed, there will be no end to the unique experiences and connections shared with your international peers.

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