Travelling to China, as part of an independent study with Fudan University in Shanghai, was truly a transformative and eye-opening experience. I was exposed to a culture and a perspective, which had previously been largely unknown to me. I spent a month in Shanghai and Beijing, visiting historical sites and working in Fudan’s excellent research facilities as part of my Master’s thesis for Queen’s University. The entire experience would have been impossible without the tremendous help of CLIC: in helping to connect me with a supervisor, in guiding me through the application process, and in assisting me with the financial burden of the trip.

I cannot recommend CLIC enough! In addition to completing my research, I learned a great deal about travelling on my own and adjusting to a new way of life.  I was initially worried about the language barrier, however, I learned various phrases in Mandarin during my trip, and was aided by several translation Apps. I also gained a greater appreciation for China, and for the various opportunities available to Canadian students. Shanghai and Beijing are global in scope, and are safe, accessible, and exciting. Even with very little knowledge of both cities, I had no trouble navigating the subway system, or finding a bite to eat. Despite my limited knowledge of Mandarin, I was able to meet locals, and discover a side of China that I would have been unable to see from a book or newspaper article.

Alex Hunter, Queen's University