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Between unprecedented economic growth and major social reform, China proves to be a fascinating subject in the study of public policy. Students of the Policy Studies: International Interchange program will spend six weeks in Shanghai learning how the Chinese government tackles the nation’s biggest challenges.

Policy Studies is a school of Queen’s University, and hosting this program in China is Fudan University. Member of the C9 League, Fudan is widely considered to be one of China’s most prestigious and influential schools. It’s also known for hospitality – Fudan welcomes as many as 7,000 international students each year, and was one of the first universities to accept foreign exchange students since the Communist Revolution.

The Policy Studies program consists of two one-term credits: Public Policy in China and Dynamics of Chinese Economy. The former introduces you to China’s public policy making and management practices; it also helps interpret certain expressions and phrases that politicians in China commonly use and the appropriate context for using them. The economics course first gives a general introduction to the pre-reform economic system. With that context in place, it will explore issues such as privatization and the reform of state-owned enterprises, dual economy and reforms in rural and financial sectors, impacts of deregulation, reforming of state monopolies, and globalization.

In between course work, you’ll be able to explore Shanghai and beyond for an immersive international experience. The policy studies interchange program is your ideal chance to analyze policy making processes – and consider complex policy challenges – through the lens of a different culture.

Program Specific Eligibility Requirements

Normally students registered in the School of Policy Studies are given preference over other Queen’s students.

Questions relating to eligibility should be directed to Program Directors or Graduate Chairs in the student’s home department.

See the How to Apply page for general CLIC eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure

See here for Queen’s University application procedures and costs not covered by CLIC here: https://www.queensu.ca/sps/internationalstudy

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Complete an online registration form with CLIC: https://clic-horizons.symplicity.com.

Once your CSC application has been verified, you will be nominated to the program.

Application Deadlines

December 7th, 2019: Queen’s University

Noon, March 4th, 2020 (MST): China Scholarship Council application and CLIC registration.

Discipline: Management Science

Major: Public Administration

If this program is not available at your university, contact your home university CLIC liaison and see if they can add it!