Eligibility requirements

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to receive CLIC support.

Only students from CLIC member universities are eligible to receive CLIC support.

You must be a full time student at the time of your China Scholarship Council application submission deadline.

If you are already receiving a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, you will not be eligible to receive CLIC financial support.

How to Apply

Once you’ve chosen a program of study in China, setting it up is a four-part process:

• Apply to your program of choice at your home university
• Apply to the Chinese Scholarship Council
• Apply to your host university
• Apply for a Chinese visa

Apply to your program

Application for a CLIC-approved program starts with your home university’s education abroad department. Browse through our programs to find which ones are offered at your home university and which program is right for you. Then, locate the program at your home university.

Note: Not all programs are approved of for credit transfer at all CLIC member universities. Talk to the CLIC representative from your home university education abroad department to find out if the CLIC approved program that you want has been approved of for credit transfer.

Below are links to the study abroad sites hosted by CLIC’s nine member universities:

Currently only students enrolled in one of our nine member universities are eligible for CLIC programs. Once your university approves your application, you automatically qualify for CLIC support! Your next step is to Apply to the Chinese Scholarship Council (so that you can receive your funds).

Apply to the China Scholarship Council

Apply to the Chinese Scholarship Council at the same time as you apply to your home university. Applying to the CSC is really more like a registration so that you may receive your funding for CLIC. The process is outlined for you below:

Application deadlines: March 6th for Summer and Fall semester programs. October 10th for Winter semester programs.


Since CLIC has been specially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, CLIC students are not required to print the applications or mail a hard copy of the application package to the Education Office, Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada. Instead, you can proceed to arranging your Chinese study visa.

If you are having problems with your CSC application, the answer to your problem may be found on this forum: https://www.chinese-forums.com/forums/topic/53543-2017-csc-scholarships/. Otherwise, feel free to contact the CLIC office.

Note: Some programs will require you to apply to the Chinese university as well. Check the detailed program information page on our website to find out whether your program requires this.

Visa Information

In order to study in China, you’ll a need a visa. As a CLIC recipient you will receive a JW201 form along with your admission notice from your host university to submit to your nearest Chinese visa office for an X2 visa (study under 180 days).

Applying for a visa to study in China can take a long time – we recommend that you apply at least 6 weeks before leaving for your trip. Also, check with your home university and program coordinator first to see if they already have a process for submitting visa applications.

Visa Application Tips:

  • Applications cannot be made more than three months before the date of departure. The time it takes to process your visa application depends on how you submit it:
    – 2 days: in person rush service
    – 4 days: in person regular service
    – 10 days: postal service
  • The Chinese embassy requires detailed information about you and your trip. Make sure you have enough time to gather all the necessary details.
  • The consulate website has a step-by-step guide to help with the process and an online application form that can be filled out (under Quick Access in the home page).
  • For more information on the visa application process, requirements, and online applications, visit www.visaforchina.org.
Contact us if you have any questions