CLIC Benefits

The Canada Learning Initiative in China (CLIC) connects Canadian students with funded opportunities to study in China. Through CLIC you stay on track to earn credits toward your degree, but with the added, life-long benefits of an immersive cultural experience. Our purpose is to make study in China highly accessible and valuable. CLIC is specifically designed to address the challenges students face with studying abroad.

CLIC lets you access:

  • Pre-determined credit transfer to your home university in Canada
  • High-caliber programs offered in English, French, and Chinese
  • Financial support for travel and study in China, which includes:

    • Travel Scholarship
      • the amount is determined by your home university
    • 3000 yuan (≈$600CAN) per month stipend
    • Subsidized accommodation
      • contact us to find out if the program you are interested in has free accommodations
    • Free medical insurance (coverage sample)
    • No CSC application fees
  • Administrative support for finding accommodations and other practical aspects, including risk management
  • Hands-on, experiential learning that includes a variety of cultural activities and excursions, allowing you to explore the country and culture on a deeper level
  • Potential career opportunities as you make connections with top Chinese institutions and industry partners

Note: Only Canadian citizens are eligible for CLIC support.