Chargement Programmes

CLIC also includes support for research internships. See below research internships for the University of Alberta. For more information, contact Ciara Murrin at

  • Harbin Institute of Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
      • Action Recognition Based Human Action Monitoring Under Industry 4.0
      • Industrial Internet based multi-AGVs scheduling in shop-floor
      • The Optimize Control of Robotic Manipulator in Kinematics and Dynamics Aspect
  • Nankai University
    • Chemistry
      • Synthesis of Cyclic Organoborons through B-H Bond Insertion Reactions
      • Computational Modelling on the Molecular Mechanism of CRISPR-Cas9 for Gene Editing
      • Synthetic Study towards Glycinoeclepin A, a Potent Messenger Molecule Stimulating Hatch of Soybean Cyst Nematode
      • Total Synthesis of Natural Products and Fluorine Chemistry
      • Detection of X-ray Photons by Solution-processed Lead Halide
      • Phosphorus Reagents-Mediated Organic Synthetic Reactions
      • In Situ Coating of Na-In alloy Layer to Protect Sodium Anode in
        Na-Metal Batteries
      • Enantioselective intramolecular C (sp3) -H Amidation Based on Chiral Ligands Design
      • The Enrichment of Proteins/Peptides Based on IMAC
        (MOAC)-Functionalized Magnetic Nanocomposites
      • Supramolecular Tandem Assay of Biomarkers
      • Biomimetic Catalysis
  • Shandong University
    • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
      • Nanotechonology and Biomaterials Used for Biomedical Applications
    • Civil Engineering
      • Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Its Application in Steel Bridge Decks
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Environmental Science and Engineering
      • Future Core Water Technology
    • Material Science and Engineering
      • Study of All-solid-state Supercapacitors with High Performance
      • Study of Li-Air Battery with High Performance
    • Mechanical Engineering
      • Chinese Manufacture
    • Medical Research

Program Specific Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility depends on the project you are apply to. Contact Ciara Murrin at to find out more.

See the How to Apply page for general CLIC eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure

Apply to the University of Alberta.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Complete an application with the host university.

Application Deadlines

November 21 – University of Alberta

March 6 – China Scholarship Council