Chinese Partners

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is a government-run agency that regulates and oversees all aspects of China’s education system, headquartered in Beijing. Its responsibilities include certifying teachers, standardizing curriculum, and continuously evolving the education system to keep pace with China’s steady development.

The MOE is also committed to organizing international exchanges for both Chinese and foreign students, and developing joint educational programs that promote Chinese language and culture throughout the world. The MOE’s partners include international organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nation’s Population Fund, and the World Bank, as well as some regional organizations including the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and the Asia-Europe Foundation.

China Scholarship Council

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Education. It provides financial aid to both Chinese citizens who want to study abroad and international students who want to study in China. Many scholarships are available to cover tuition, accommodation, and other expenses for international students. CLIC’s partnership with the CSC has simplified the process for Canadian students to access these scholarships.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada is located in Ottawa, but also maintains four consulates-general in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. With Luo Zhaohui serving as Ambassador, the Embassy functions as a diplomatic bridge between China and Canada, facilitating friendly cooperation between the two nations and providing services to Chinese Nationals in Canada. The Educational Affairs department in particular assists students from both countries participating in educational exchanges.