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NOTE: Current dates are approximate. Check back in January 2020 for exact dates.

Shanghai is home to an integrated mix of traditional and Western medicine. In this program you’ll investigate the industry for yourself through hands-on field placements at notable medical institutions.

The China Health Experiential Seminar takes place both in the classroom and out in the field. Students will volunteer two half-days per week at a variety of distinguished hospitals and clinics, getting a true look at China’s public health system. Sites include the Children’s Hospital of Shanghai, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, and Natural Path Academy. You’ll experience a wide range of medical practices to expand your understanding of public health.

Back in the classroom you’ll learn about the medicalization of America and China. With each topic, students will review various ethnographic case studies that examine changing values and rituals in medicine. Throughout the program you’ll refine your observational, research, and reporting skills and keep a field journal of your experiences.

The bustling metropolis of Shanghai provides opportunity to study how the public health system tackles issues like gentrification, rural-urban migration, and health risks posed by a high-density population. Students will also look at the influence of ancient Chinese customs including ancestor worship and filial obligations.

In just one month, this program will add invaluable international perspective – plus real-world experiences – to your medical studies.

Note: This program has a minimum number of students to run. If the minimum is not reached, then the program will be cancelled. The CLIC office will inform students as soon as it knows if the program has enough students to run. If the program is cancelled, students will be given the option to choose to participate in another CLIC summer program.

Program Specific Eligibility Requirements

Open to students of all backgrounds.

See the How to Apply page for general CLIC eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure

Apply with your home university to receive your travel grant.

Complete an application with the China Scholarship Council.

Complete an online registration form with CLIC: https://clic-horizons.symplicity.com.

Once your CSC application has been verified, you will be nominated to the program.

Application Deadlines

Travel grant deadlines vary for Canadian universities. Check with your home university CLIC contact.

Noon March 4, 2020 (MST): Application with the China Scholarship Council and CLIC online registration.


See here for a description of the accommodations available for this program: http://iso.fudan.edu.cn/en/house.htm


Chensi Liao
Humanities and Social Science Building
Fudan University
220 Han Dan Road
Shanghai, P. R. China 200433
+86-21-55665470, +86-21-65107274 (fax)

Discipline: History

Major: Ethnology

Note: This program has a minimum participation requirement and may be cancelled if not enough students apply. The CLIC office will inform you as soon as possible if the program is cancelled.

If this program is not available at your university, contact your home university CLIC liaison and see if they can add it!