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CLIC-approved programs undergo rigorous assessment. Each of our study abroad programs was chosen for its exemplary academic quality. No matter what you’re pursuing, you’re sure to find a program that earns the credits you need, enhances your CV, and invests in your future. Have a look at our selection of CLIC-approved programs below, and subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to keep updated on new programs. CLIC also includes a wide range of exchange programs. Get in touch with your home university international office to find out what exchange programs are supported by CLIC.

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What better place to study archeology than in China, one of the world’s most ancient civilizations? Few countries can trace a continuous history back to the Paleolithic Age – making China an academically rewarding destination for humanities students.

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Brain Facts

Meet the experts of neuroscience at Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy for a summer! Brain Facts is an intensive and hands-on program focused on neuroscience, taught by internationally-renowned brain research scientists.

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China’s Economic Development

All eyes are on China as the country grows in economic power at an unparalleled pace. Hosted in Tianjin, this program is designed for international students to learn about China’s economic development since 1978.

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China Studies

China Studies looks at China’s history through the lens of its most rapidly-changing city: Shanghai. You’ll discover how the city’s pioneering role in cultural change has made it a reflection of the country’s development as a whole.

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Culture, Health and Medical Practices in Contemporary China

Acknowledging both ancient and modern practices, this program walks you through biomedicine in the context of China’s rapidly shifting culture.

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Discovering Chinese Creativity

Enrich your perception of art by soaking in a completely different culture. Under the guidance of industry masters, you’ll experience both classical and modern creative arts and undertake your own original design project.

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Doing Business in China

More than ever, those who understand Chinese policies, practices, and customs have a major advantage in the world market. This program is the ultimate how-to for engaging the world’s second largest economy.

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Entrepreneurship in China

Fast-track your business acumen and make a compelling statement on your resume. The “Entrepreneurship in China” International Summer School program may be one of the best investments you make!

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Experiential Health Seminar

Investigate Shanghai’s mix of modern and traditional medicine through hands-on field placements at distinguished hospitals and clinics.

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Foreign Trade

China’s growth in foreign trade has been a source of amazement – and friction – over the last few decades. This program explores how one nation’s trade affairs impact much of the world.

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International Development: Education

Experience two worlds as you challenge your understanding of education. This program takes you from the fast-paced city of Shanghai to the less developed and more “typical” region of Yunnan for a wide exploration of China’s educational system.

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Bringing a product from its raw components and to a satisfied customer is a complex process. This summer you can visit China’s port city of Tianjin, a national hub for modern manufacturing, where you’ll study logistics and supply chain management.

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Urban Development: Shanghai Experience

No other place in the world has experienced urbanization as fast and sweeping as China. Its unprecedented rate of change is a fascinating area of study for students of urban development. In studying China’s unique path to modernization you’ll gain valuable skills to address the universal challenges of sustainability.

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